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The Environmental Protection & Education Association (EPEA) is an Egyptian based non-profit organization established in 2013. We constitute a passionate and dedicated network of environmental activists from across the globe! We work in the field of nature conservation and environmental education and are spearheading scientific research in the fields of environmental conservation; renewable energy and solid waste management. Our mission is to protect and conserve Egypt's natural resources to ensure a healthy and well protected environment, which supports a sustainable society and economy.

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Second Environmental Gathering



We would like to invite you to our 2nd environmental gathering, hosted this year by Hayah international Academy. The gathering this year will focus on environmental education in our schools in Egypt.
The environment is the world we live in. Education is an enormous chance to raise environmental awareness as the start of positive actions in our and future lives; positively effecting the world’s environment. 

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They Did It Again!!!


British youth are currently visiting our Egyptian land but not for touristic purposes as normal visitors would do, but to help EPEA collect marine samples! This is a second time that Marsa Alam is hosting British students on its ground. Last year had proven to be successful trip, and that is why they have returned. The collaboration between EPEA, EEAA and Chester University had shown a valuable data compilation, and hopefully this time it will also help our conservational efforts.

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Egyptian youth CARE!

Hayah International Academy Egypt had divided their passionate student into two groups. These groups were sent to two different sites to collect environmental data on marine life. On the 28th of April, 2014 students traveled from Cairo to Marsa Alam and Porto Sokhna.

It did not come as a surprise to us to witness the enjoyment and satisfaction that students had from marine science! Data collection, fish and coral ID is not that boring as it sounds!

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"Thanks to EPEA I am first female Egyptian student to work on coral resilience research!"-Hadeer Abdo, Port Said University

EPEA funded my Master research program, thanks to their fund I was able to collect and analyse my samples and be the first female Egyptian student to work on coral resilience research. I am so proud of myself and proud to be a member of EPEA research team.


"EPEA made me feel empowered and purposeful as I learnt." -Medina Cowan, NCBIS

The EPEA group hosting us has helped me learn so much through visual and experiential learning instead of just telling us to remember certain facts. EPEA wants us to learn how to care for the earth and its precious marine environments and to preserve the traditions of cultures that coexist within natural ecosystems. This is why they teach us outside in the environment so we may have special and unique experiences to help us remember and then they involve us in their research and missions so that we feel empowered and purposeful as we learn.

"EPEA gave me life changing experience." - Omar, EBIS

Learning how to dive with EPEA was a life changing experience for me, I enjoyed every second of the diving training and the open water dive and I am looking forward to my next trip, to finalize my open water diving license. I can enjoy marine life very close now.


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